Germs-free, fresh and crisp towel, every time.

The best towel rack money can buy.
Your towels will never smell again.

The best towel rack money can buy.


ever passed on drying your hands with your towel due to the smell? Not anymore.


a moist/wet towel is breeding ground for lots of harmful bacteria and molds. TowelUV kills all of them with UV.


your towel should be dry and crisp each time you use it. Its not a luxury, its a necessity that towelUV fulfills.

Temperature Control

with changes in weather you can control how warm should your towel be. Set the temperature and leave it worry-free.

Ultraviolet Radiation

a nexus of UV light kills all types of bacteria colonies and mold growth.


it has a minimal air heating system that blows a gently warm air that keeps your towel dry and crisp.

Features of toweluv

Towel rack equipped with uv light and air dryer.

Air Drying System

A fan is installed at the base which throws gentle warm air at an optimum speed that dries off all the moisture in hanging towels thus no germs can survive in there.

Temperature control

The air thrown by installed fan is gently warm and that is warmed by a small heating coil set behind it in the wooden box. Using this thermostat, temperature of the air can be controlled so in cold seasons you can increase the temperature and get a relatively warmer towel and vice versa in summer.

Who should
get Toweluv





Spa Centers

Style it yourself

Customize towelUV

It doesn't end there, to give it a more premium and personalized touch, you can have your name, signature, initials, your company name, company logo, your salon logo, your hotel name, your spa center logo engraved on the wood.

pick Your color

A color for every interior

We are offering Toweluv in 3 amazing wood colors that you can choose from. Matte brown is the default color but you can choose any of the following colors without any extra cost.

Light Oak

Dark Oak

Maple Wood

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